The key academic components of the M.A. in Engaged & Public Humanities program are described below and include the following:

Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete 30 credits in the program. Academic requirements for the MAEPH Program are:

  1. Four 3-credit core courses (see below for descriptions).
  2. Four 3-credit elective courses in a disciplinary or interdisciplinary area chosen from across the Main Campus and the Law School under the guidance of a mentor.
  3. Two 3-credit mentored Internships and/or Field Research Projects. (Note: Field Research Projects are permissible only if the student is already working in a public humanities
  4. A capstone project that integrates the student’s humanities scholarship with his/her internships or field research projects, designed to reach a public audience. View the projects our certificate students have done.
  5. Time to degree: two semesters, plus one summer (full-time) OR four semesters, two summers (part-time). (See below for sample trajectories.)

Time to Degree

The usual time to complete the MAEPH program is:

Two semesters, plus one summer (full-time)

–OR —

Four semesters, plus two summers (part-time).

Sample Student Trajectories

The Full-Time Student: Complete Degree in One Full Calendar Year

  • Fall: Two core courses, two electives.
  • Spring: Two core courses, two electives.
  • Summer: Equivalent of six credits of Internship and or Field Research Projects, culminating in a Capstone project with a public outreach component.

The Part-Time Student: Complete Degree in Four Semesters and two Summers

  • Fall I: Two core courses.
  • Spring I: One core course; one elective.
  • Summer I: One internship or field research project.
  • Spring II: Two electives.
  • Fall II: One core course; one elective.
  • Summer II: One internship or field research project, culminating in a capstone project with a public outreach component.

Detailed course descriptions can be found on the Course Descriptions page.


In the MAEPH program, you’ll experience mentored, meaningful internships. We work with strong organizations to curate positive internship experiences for our students.  Some possibilities included HERE

Capstone Projects

Students will design a public humanities project that showcases their interdisciplinary skills and builds on their experience in the in the MAEPH program. Students are allowed to design wide-ranging projects and are expected to use this opportunity to integrate their personal and professional interests.

Check out the Georgetown English Department’s Capstone Projects (new window), which are similar to those our students will complete.