Seniors and Recent Bachelor’s Degree Graduates…

Have you recently graduated or are about to graduate from a humanities or STEM Bachelor’s program?

Humanities majors, have you wondered how to put your hard-earned skills to work and how to develop a rewarding career path?

STEM majors, do you love science but want a career based in interdisciplinarity and the intersection between the humanities and the sciences?

Our program will help prepare you for many rewarding careers open to humanities professionals through leveraging the training you already have and immersing you in the world of humanities thought and action. Prepare for careers in a wide variety of professions that include traditional tracks for Master’s graduates in the humanities (teaching, journalism, public relations), but also less traditional trajectories (museum studies, theater, consulting, work in agencies and private industry).  Pursue serious graduate work in a humanities field while also developing the ability to articulate and “translate” the value of that work to careers both within and outside the academy. Engage in carefully curated internship opportunities as you develop greater insight into all you have to offer the world.