Working for an Army Hospital Unit

Justin B. Perry – April 10, 2020

I think that if you’re a more introverted, bookish type, a good way to get to know the people you work with is to write their wills. You get to know who has kids, who just got divorced, who’s about to get divorced, and who wants to set up a trust fund for their cat. We generally get more questions about looking after pets than we do about children.

I’m a paralegal in a medical unit, so while most of my fellow soldiers in our medial unit have well-defined tasks, I do not. We set up a little folding table in the corner of our hospital center. From there, we can notarize documents, write wills, powers of attorney, and provide any legal service that an ill doctor could ask for. I usually only have internet access at night, so I download all of my class materials and find time to catch up on my schoolwork throughout the day. The professors and staff at Georgetown have continued to be extremely supportive and understanding as we work our way through this.

I’m being told we’ll be heading home in a couple of weeks.