ENPH Alumni

The first cohort of graduate students in the MA in Engaged and Public Humanities graduated in August 2022.

Class of 2023

Samantha Corman

Samantha is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class of a 2022 graduate of Georgetown University with a BS in Biology. She competed on Georgetown’s Cross Country and Track team and continued to do so while in the ENPH program. She is excited to build upon her medical interests and study the intersection between humanities and science, aiming to infuse more elements of justice and cultural competency to health care.

William Choi

Lauren DeMarco

Josephine Formica

Josie Formica is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class of 2023. She graduated from American University in the spring of 2022 with a degree in American Studies, and she also competed on AU’s field hockey team.

Yasmin Hajj

Yasmin Hajj is an alumna of the ENPH program in the Class of 2023 and a Double Hoya! She grew up in Dubai for most of my life, but she is originally Palestinian as my grandparents on both sides of my family are Palestinian refugees. She completed her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a major in Culture and Politics with a concentration on Immigration in the Middle East, and a minor in Arabic.

She hoped that my two years with ENPH will allow me to expand upon the learning and knowledge she gained as an undergraduate at Georgetown, and will provide her with more tools and skills to be successful in the humanitarian field.

Nicketa Lewis

Nicketa Lewis is an alumna of the ENPH student in the class of 2023. Lewis interacts with people from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds on a daily basis, and the program will enhance Lewis’ skills to work with diverse groups of individuals more effectively. Lewis hope to gain the necessary knowledge to apply the humanities and find creative ways to proficiently perform current responsibilities and eliminate barriers to care and create methods to help achieve adherence to yearly wellness appointments. The knowledge gained and enhanced skills from the program will be invaluable to my duties.

Willie Lieberman

Willie Lieberman is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class of 2023. She grew up in Georgia after spending early childhood in Connecticut and Louisiana. Originally attending UCLA as an opera vocal performance major, she switched to history to explore human nature through the past.

Emory University’s research opportunities inspired her to transfer for her second half of college. With funding from humanities fellowships, she wrote her honors thesis – an interdisciplinary exploration of opera, gender, and cultural politics in 17th-century England.

This experience revealed her passion for writing and analysis. She now aims to utilize these abilities in an outward-reaching profession.

Sofia Martinez

Christina Ribbens

Christina graduated from Calvin University in 2019 with a major in History and minors in Data Science and Studio Art. During an internship at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum, she experienced the work of public history. After graduating, she worked in campus ministry at the University of Michigan, learning the importance of asking good questions to understand context. Christina is excited to continue her studies at Georgetown to better learn the benefits of the humanities for understanding people. She is interested in groups who change their thinking over time and communities made up of people who share different histories.

Alison Romero

Alison is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class of 2023. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Alison has worked in a variety of political arenas including the Canadian Embassy, Congress, congressional campaigns, and several fundraising operations. Currently working in higher education, Alison is excited to focus her studies on the impact of religion on the current political and socioeconomic landscape. She looks forward to studying the intersection of her religious background and professional political experience under a humanist lens and hopefully learning how to translate lessons learned into effective societal change.

She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2016 with a B.A. in Political Science. She is an avid skier, runner, and moviegoer.

Katherine Rowe

Katherine Rowe is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class in 2023. Born and raised in California, Katherine attended Sacramento State University and received a degree in Political Science in 2019. Since graduating, she worked for a Sacramento city council member and is currently working on a congressional campaign.

These experiences not only cultivated her interest in voting rights and community engagement but also steered her from public policy towards public outreach. She hopes to have a rewarding career making government more accessible to our communities after the ENPH program.

Natalie Stallworth

Natalie Stallworth is an alumna of the ENPH program in the class of 2023. She is a current member of Phi Kappa Phi, and eager amateur hiker, and a proud graduate from a women’s college in a small town. She graduated with a BA from Wesleyan College in her hometown of Macon, Georgia. At my small, liberal arts women’s college, she double-majored in English and Advertising/Marketing Communications and very nearly exhausted my love for Shakespeare and Austen. She was raised and educated in a literature-rich environment and between my various undergraduate business and history classes she consciously realized the connection between stories, empathy, and communication. Empathy equals understanding and understanding leads to positive change. Applying humanities to seemingly unrelated fields like education and healthcare structure and policy is where she wants to facilitate change, and she couldn’t think of a better place to start than in DC.

Class of 2022

Brae Blackley

Kennedy Brooks

Kennedy Brooks is an alumna of the MA in Engaged & Public Humanities who graduated in 2022. Her area of interests include feminist and queer traditions within the study of women and law. In addition to addressing broad issues of sexuality within American popular culture, she aspires to address the lived experiences and cultural expressions of all gendered and sexuality individuals within the African Diaspora. Through grappling both with cultural expressions and lived experiences of individuals at various intersections of social experience, she aims to continue to push toward explicating the interrelationships between race, gender, sexuality, and class. Kennedy was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a Spelman College Alumna, Class of 2021. At Spelman, she majored in Comparative Women’s Studies, with a minor in Film and Visual Culture.

Cassie Houy

Cassie Houy is a 2017 graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication. She competed as a Coxswain for the SDSU D1 Women’s Rowing team, rowing for four years on the gorgeous body of water that is Mission Bay. Having grown up in Washington, D.C, she has always had a passion for current events and the erratic exhibitions that float around the world-famous museums downtown. After college, Cassie moved to NYC to explore a career in HR/Recruiting but came to realize she wanted her career to have more of a societal impact.

The ENPH program has been a crucial way for her to pivot her career and study the impact museums can have on communities and culture. She plans to combine the humanities with modern-day museum studies to ultimately reach her goal of engaging communities at a local level and generating room for necessary conversations in society. Her favorite food is pho and her favorite hobby is biking around DC to a good playlist.

Dayea Jeong

My name is Dayea Jeong. I graduated from Ewha Womans University located in Seoul, South Korea in 2020, and I majored in Sociology. While studying sociology, I learned that the various problems we face in our daily lives are actually closely linked to the social structure. I’m interested in the social phenomena and culture that is happening around us. Also, I was born and raised in South Korea, so I am very interested in connecting Korean culture and humanities.

She graduated the Georgetown ENPH program in 2022.

Ethan Koehler

Ethan completed his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University and graduated as a member of the class of 2021, having majored in Sociology and Government with a concentration in political theory. He is also a member of the Men’s Soccer team and the current captain for the 2021 fall season. Shaped by his experiences growing up in an environment where you interact with people from all different cultures and backgrounds on the soccer field, he chose this program to give him the platform to continue perusing his interests in intercultural cohabitation. Wanting a career with a direct impact on the community around him, he is excited to have this program to continue to grow as an individual and expand on his knowledge and experience with the humanities.

He graduated from the ENPH program in 2022.

Sosse Krikorian

Sosse graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and a minor in Middle East Studies. While completing her undergraduate degree, she continuously interned for federal agencies and as a representative for various political organizations. She also served as the Vice President of UC Berkeley’s Armenian Students’ Association, being honored with the 2021 Student of the Year Award of the Armenian Studies Program.

Her primary academic interests include museum studies, Near Eastern history, Middle Eastern representation, and cultural preservation. She plans to apply her MA in Engaged and Public Humanities as a valuable asset to her Armenian and Lebanese communities in the realm of cultural and political representation.

María José Pareja Rozo

María José Pareja Rozo is an alumna of the MA in Engaged and Public Humanities at Georgetown University. She is interested in public conversations and the possibilities of dialogue for creating understanding, mediating conflict and strengthening democracy in a pluralist and multicultural society. María José graduated from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, in 2015, with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Literature. She has worked across multiple fields, that include qualitative research, social development, education, writing and the public arts. These experiences have taught her the value of asking questions and listening to people’s diverse perspectives and experiences, as a way of opening up thoughtful discussions that deepen our insight on how we relate to each other and inspire social transformations.

Hamza Rehman

My name is Hamza Rehman and my advice to incoming students is to make sure you take advantage of the program’s resources and flexibility. It allows you to explore and take advantage of what Georgetown offers as a whole rather than just the program’s niche. I believe that is what I’m most proud of after a year here. I was able to take classes with internationally renowned professors that were able to give first-hand prospectives enhancing the learning process. It truly has been amazing to be able to learn in this way, and I am grateful I was given this opportunity.

Ross Shelton

My name is Ross Shelton. I graduated in 2021 from UC San Diego with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Literature, after serving 10 years in the US Coast Guard. I’m originally from North Carolina, but have been living up and down the west coast for the last 15 years. I’m interested in the intersection of philosophy, literature and the public sphere. More specifically, in how I might use creative nonfiction and the essay within the context of Public Humanities. I graduated from the ENPH program in 2022.

Chanel Williams

Chanel Williams has used her career as a public relations professional to center her passion for making arts and culture institutions more accessible and inclusive through storytelling. Having supported the mission, vision, and values at both the Smithsonian Institution and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, she often embraces the themes of empathy and equity in her PR practice. As a native of the DMV, she knows the impact that D.C. memorials, museums, performing arts venues, and cultural institutions have on enriching the lives of native Washingtonians and the nation more broadly.

She also knows there is no single approach to equity in the arts, so she continues to educate herself on emerging practices and is using the MA Program in Engaged and Public Humanities as means to gain a more expansive knowledge of the skills and methods common to the humanities to offer creative solutions to global and local challenges that the world faces.

Finally, Chanel believes that Prince was the greatest musicians of all time and no one will ever change her mind.