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Program Dates: June 21–23, 2018
Georgetown University campus
37th & O Streets, N.W.  Washington, DC

Application Deadline: June 8, 2018

This summer, take your education in the humanities to the next level. Deepen your understanding of the value of advanced humanities training, learn how to communicate these values to the public and potential employers, and explore job markets interested in employing humanities scholars in positions requiring advanced skills in language, research, analysis, critical thinking, and writing.

This non-credit Graduate Certificate in the Engaged & Public Humanities is designed for the following students:

Graduating Undergraduate Seniors

interested in exploring the connections that bring the humanities to medicine, law, private enterprise, and the local community.

Master's Students

in the humanities or sciences interested in connecting their passion and research interests to the wider world.

Doctoral Candidates

interested in exploring the broad swath of careers beyond academia open to trained humanists.

Humanities Professionals

interested in further exploring the relationship between humanities training and professional advancement.

The non-credit Certificate offers a robust introduction to the theories and methods of the engaged and public humanities through collaborative workshops with humanities faculty and practitioners. Working together, we will explore the meanings of “public,” “engagement,” and “humanities” as they relate to the changing ecosystem of academia and the public sphere, from government entities to private industry.

The essential skills and methods common to the humanities have much to offer the global and local challenges we face. Learn how to articulate the value of the humanities to managing climate change, global health threats, artificial intelligence and big data, and issues of cultural division and diversity.

The program will be capped by a Career Expo featuring resume and interview workshops geared toward future humanities professionals. The Expo will host a broad selection of employers in a variety of enterprises in the Washington, D.C. region—ranging from libraries and think-tanks to corporations and governmental agencies—who are interested in hiring humanities scholars.

Who should apply? This program is appropriate for humanities graduate students at any degree level, Ph.D. students in the humanities, and graduating seniors receiving a B.A. in a humanities field (such as language, literature, philosophy, theology, or history) who are interested in the role that the humanities can play in every sector of public and private enterprise, as well as early career professionals working in a humanities field who are interested in continuing professional development and networking.



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The program is stewarded by Georgetown’s ReinventPhD in the Humanities at Georgetown, a Mellon-funded project organized by Connected Academics.