graduate students in commencement regalia line up in front of carved stone doorway at White-Gravenor Hall

Fall 2023 Applications will be opening soon!

Be sure to check for our program’s specific essay instructions before applying.

Want to Talk to Someone About the Program?

Our program director, Dr. Laura Hartmann-Villalta, will be available to answer your questions. Office hours are available by request via Zoom. Please schedule a time directly with Dr. Hartmann-Villalta or the program coordinator.

Be a Part of it: Reinvent the Humanities to Change the World!

Do you love the humanities but wonder how to apply your humanities education out in the world? Would you like to pursue graduate work in the humanities confident that you will find rewarding work after finishing your Masters? Are you interested in exploring the connections between the humanities and other disciplines such as the sciences, social sciences, medicine, and law?

Who Should Apply to the Program?


Seniors and Recent Bachelor’s Degree Graduates


Early/Mid-Career Professionals


Career Explorers and Changers

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