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María José Pareja Rozo, ENPH Graduate Student of the 2022 Class, presents her capstone project: How to Have a Conversation, a podcast about how the arts and humanities engage us in conversation.

How to Have a Conversation is a podcast that explores how artists and humanities professionals use innovative approaches and create safe spaces to help people engage in meaningful conversations. In each episode, it will feature the leaders and participants of one public conversation initiative. They will talk about how they make meaningful conversations happen, and what lessons can be drawn from their experiences.

The pilot episode of How to Have a Conversation focuses on In Your Shoes, a collaborative project of Georgetown University’s Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown’s Democracy & Governance program, and Patrick Henry College. In Your Shoes employs techniques rooted in theatrical performance to bring people of diverse social, cultural, and religious backgrounds into deep, challenging, and mutually respectful dialogue with one another to promote mutual understanding and empathy. Ijeoma Njaka, Inclusive Pedagogy Specialist and facilitator of In Your Shoes; and Ashanee Kottage, scientist storyteller activist from Colombo, Sri Lanka; share their experiences, reflections and lessons learned from engaging with the In Your Shoes project.

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